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Well this just sucks…

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on July 19, 2013

Sad-dog-faceLast week I probably felt better than I have in at least six months, almost like my old self except for having to drag oxygen tubing around everywhere I go. And then it went downhill all week. I only got to work one day. Missed the whole week of rehab. And I feel just about as good as I did when I first woke up in the hospital back in February.

And the reason that seriously sucks besides just feeling so sick is that two of my sisters came to see me a few weeks back. At that time I was still struggling with the anxiety in the worst way and spent most of the time standing up behind the couch in a spot that somehow seemed to be my “safe spot”. And they are coming back this weekend. With the anxiety completely under control now I so wanted the “old me” to be with them this time.

I hate this friggin’ disease!

8 Responses to “Well this just sucks…”

  1. Norman Seaton said

    I just finished your new book Davis bk2. Love your books the Davis book was great book I gave it a 5.  Keep up the good work. Hang in there don’t give up. Love Nettie


  2. Darlene said

    Get well soon.u are still my favorite writer. I read Davis.good job.u still got it.

  3. Tammy said

    Been thinking of you while I am reading Davis, which is excellent, and I am praying for you to get better soon!

  4. Lottie said

    Will send some positive energy your way along with my prayers so maybe you can have a good weekend with your sisters. Love ya, let me know if I can help in anyway.

  5. Alice Johnson said

    So sorry, seems as if you had a relapse… maybe this will help. I finished “DAVIS” last night & absolutely loved it! Your stories are so tender & loving! It is wonderful to read that men cry. I know they do, my husband did… He was such a wonderful tender loving man! I lost him 23 years ago after being married 35 years. He was not a cowboy, but a figher pilot with USAF. (same thing to me, as I was a Texas girl when married him) Everytime I read one of your “Men of Elko” books, have so many wonderful memories come back… I read Jake 2x while waiting on Davis… will have to go back in a few months & re read both of them ♥

  6. Tammy said

    Just finished Davis and I am in awe of your books, love it sooo much! And while I was reading I kept thinking of the Journey song “Open Arms”. You are so talented and can’t wait for the other books to follow. Hope you are doing well today 🙂

  7. Michele said

    Just finished Davis – loved his story – can’t wait for more – but you get rest and we can wait your health is more important – hope you are starting to feel better – will say a prayer for you — thank you again you are amazing —-

  8. Michelle V said

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I’ve been reading Davis and wanted to say thank you for telling his and Dusty’s story!

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