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Week One of Testing Done

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on October 13, 2013

Just after the heart cath.

Just after the heart cath.

Just wanted to drop a really quick note to let everybody know that I am still kicking. Made it through all 20 of the appointments this past week for the transplant evaluation. I had one more scheduled for this week but they have added a few more based on some of the results found this week. Everything is pretty much normal. They just want to make sure. They’ve pretty much declared me as being disgustingly healthy other than the whole can’t breathe thing and that I’m still underweight. But… I am up to 105!!!!!!  Yippee!!!! Only 5 more pounds to go to meet my goal of 110.

I know this is short and sweet. It has been an extremely exhausting week. Up at 4:00-4:30 every morning to be on the road by 5:00-5:30 in order to make it over the UT Southwest in Dallas for the first appointment of the morning every single day. And they were not short days. I’ll be back with more later.

Until then… Happy Reading and have a great week.



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Good Riddance to September

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on October 5, 2013

mri-cartoonI, for one, will not miss you. Most of it was spent on the couch unable to walk much at all. Only a few steps would shoot my heart rate into the 130’s, blood pressure into the 160’s/110’s and O2 saturation down to 85. Just typing anything took studied concentration and a truck load of patience (something I’m still struggling with). All rehab had to stop. I left the house only for doctor appointments. I lost back all the weight I had worked so hard to gain. And the panic attacks came back in a big way. That was depressing enough, but having to sit back and watch everybody else go about their daily lives as normal when I couldn’t was even worse.

And now, one medication change and one week later, here I am. Still struggling with the typing, but walking and talking (at the same time even). I’ve been to Wally World to ride around on their nifty little scooter while I shopped. I walked all the way back to the car unassisted and did just fine. We went to Mickey D’s where I ate an entirely unhealthy lunch that was SOOOOO good. And we finished it up at CVS to pick up a prescription and get my flu shot where I walked in, out and around without help except for John carrying the concentrator for me so I wouldn’t have to carry the heavy little sucker. The appetite is back so maybe I can gain that weight back. And I feel GREAT….today. We will see what tomorrow brings.

I will admit that I am definitely NOT looking forward to next week. I have 20 appointments next week for the evaluation testing for placement on the lung transplant list. There are 2 that concern me. If any of you know me you know I am extremely claustrophobic. I really would appreciate everybody sending me plenty of prayers around lunchtime and a little after on Monday because that’s when they do the MRI and it’s not an open-air one. And I wouldn’t say no to a few more on Friday around the same time when they’re doing a heart cath. It will not be a pleasant week for me and thereby not for John, poor guy.

On another good note, I’m almost through with my first self-edit for Michael. One more quick skim through it after that and it will be off to Sharon while I work on the cover then get started on Tommy.

Thanks to everyone who has bought any of my books. You all really lift my spirits with your comments and reviews here and on Goodreads, Facebook, and Amazon. I LOVE MY READERS!!!

I hope you all have a super happy weekend. Grab a book and cuddle up somewhere. Happy Reading!


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