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Raeann BlakeRaeann Blake has worked in software development for more than a decade, but uses a long history of experience in occupations from waitress to assembly line worker, from secretary to stay-at-home mom and more to lend credibility to many of her characters. A vivid imagination led her into being a “closet” author for more than five years before she finally decided to heed the advice and encouragement of her family and friends to share her work with others.

Her books were initially written strictly to quiet the voices in her head that kept telling her all these stories. She embarked on this journey with no expectations of becoming a commercial success, but wanted to share them with others who might enjoy reading them. Her stories are for adults and contain both explicit language and graphic content. Each of them is outside the industry standards for the genre in terms of length. She feels that they are told the way the stories needed to be told and understands that some readers do not want to invest that much time in a single work. However, she is happy to make them available to all of those who prefer novels that can’t be read in a matter of hours, as she does. It takes a diverse group of readers to keep the industry strong and she applauds all those who buy and borrow any book of any genre, short or long. Certainly not all books are for all people. If her books fit the bill for you, she hopes that you enjoy them.

Raeann’s love affair with books began long ago when her father became justifiably irritated after about her twentieth proclamation that she was bored and had nothing to do. In response, he shoved a book in her hand and told her to read it. Jack London’s Call of the Wild was her first ‘grown-up’ book and she was hooked.

Although a native Texan, Raeann is convinced she was really supposed to have been born in Montana, or that she at least lived there in a previous life. She currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and a crazy dog that eats walls and pretty much anything else (the dog, not the husband). Between her full-time job, supporting her husband’s band, and trying to keep the walls intact, she still finds time to write and feed that inner being that keeps whispering new stories in her ear that insist on being told.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Raeann Smythe said

    From one Raeann to another! Hello

  2. Trish said

    I love the Elko brothers so much and I am wondering if you are working on the next book?

    • Thank you. I am working on it. “Tommy” is in editing right now. I was hoping to have it out before the end of the year, but it isn’t looking good for that. I will have a cover reveal and an excerpt out within the next couple of weeks. And I am shooting for late January to mid-February for the new release. I will have it out ASAP and then it will be on to Casey for book #5. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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