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Computers are evil!

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on May 23, 2018

So… as we all know, I have struggled for the last 5 years with health and mental health issues related to the health issues. Still with me? It doesn’t get easier, but does become mostly manageable. Or so we think. Enter the computer thug.

A few weeks back, my laptop decided to throw a temper tantrum. I’m talking about trashing the room, throwing things, stomping the feet and screaming temper tantrum. Bribery, I thought. That would do it. I offered new video cards, upgraded speakers, a dedicated fan to keep it cool. No. But, I absolutely set my foot down when it demanded a new hard drive. Not happening. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for said laptop, “I has backup,” in more ways that one. Not only do I have a smarter-than-the-average-computer son-in-law, but I also have SOS Online Backup. So, the aforementioned son-in-law slapped the little miscreant with a restore to factory settings. Take that! And after a few re-installs of necessary programs that I need to continue with the books, I’m now ready to retrieve all those files safely tucked away with SOS.┬áSo, hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be back ready to work again, in spite of the bratty laptop.

I am eternally so grateful for all of you and how steadfastly loyal you continue to be through all of these delays and setbacks.

Happy Reading to each and every one of you!



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