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What’s Coming In 2013?

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on January 1, 2013

New-Year-in_3_1As most of you know, I work full-time and write, rewrite, edit, publish, and promote on nights and weekends. During at least the latter part of 2012, I have spent much more of those “author-time” hours promoting than any other activity. This includes promoting not only my work, but other authors as well. As a new author, I felt this was necessary and I don’t regret that. It has been successful beyond what I ever imagined and I have a great group of loyal readers who helped to make it so.  As happy as I am with that success and as happy as it makes me to help other authors in any way I can, I am not happy with the lack of progress on the remaining books that are still sitting there waiting to be polished and published. Consequently, I’m making a shift in my priorities for 2013.

In terms of the time I have to spend on writing activities, in 2012 I have been spending approximately 70% of my time promoting and only 30% on the other things that need to be done. The 70% includes time on my Facebook page, blogging, tweeting and re-tweeting other authors, participating in Facebook author groups, parties, giveaways, free promotions (which includes submitting the books to other sites and a boat-load of other FB pages), etc., etc., etc. For 2013, I’m turning the tables. My plan is to spend no more than 20% of my free time on those activities and 80% on the books themselves. I certainly don’t want to lose the symbiotic relationships that I have developed with fellow authors, but at this point I feel my primary focus needs to be on the books rather than sales. I will have to leave the heavy work of spreading the word to my awesome readers for now.

I get so many RT’s of my work on Twitter and I usually seek out and RT other authors’ works to the tune of at least 100 RT’s a day. That’s going way down. I will work out how much time I can spend on each site, but I will probably not even visit Twitter more than a couple of times a week and only for a limited time then. For the groups, parties, etc., they will probably be much less frequent. I will try to drop by the Facebook page at least once a day. I enjoy connecting with my readers. You keep me grounded and you keep me motivated so I doubt that I will decrease my time there.

I won’t abandon the blog, but I won’t be doing as many of those things that make the author circles. I have already completed and have ready to go 2 posts for this month and that will be it for those types of blogs for a while. I have a “The Next Big Thing” post that will be up on the 4th about the 3rd book in the series, Michael. And then one more for a blog hop called “The Girly Book Blog Hop” that will go up around the middle of the month. That one will have some prizes that I’ve selected from my all-time favorite Montana souvenir store, the Montana Gift Corral so watch for that one. These posts are complete so they won’t take any time away from my new focus and I’m not scheduling any more like it for a while.

I know you are all anxious for the rest of the books in the SEVEN BROTHERS series and hopefully this shift in focus will get those out to you sooner. I’m anxious to get them out as well. I have the rest of the series (6 more books) plus two more single novels that are complete and ready for their own little touch of polish before they can reach you. I really want all of these to see the light of day sooner rather than later because my fingers are itching to get back to a couple of others that are partially completed and waiting in the wings.

While 2012 has been a super-awesome-stupendous blast and satisfying beyond all dreams, 2013 will be more what I will call reader-focused. The best way I can be reader-focused is to get the books out there to all of you. And that’s what I plan to do.

Thank you for wonderful 2012 and I hope you’ll hang with me for 2013!

Wishing you a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!


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Show some love

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on July 7, 2012

Love Your AuthorsGood Saturday morning!! Want to show authors you like some love? Go to each book page for a book you enjoyed and first click the “Like” button at the top of the page right under the book title. You can also hover over the “Like” button and choose to share the page on FB, Twitter, Pintrest, or by Email.

Next, scroll way down towards the bottom and you will find a section called “Tags Customers Associate with This Product”. Click the checkbox beside each tag that you see that you agree with, or add your own (you can choose or add a maximum of 15 tags that you like).

Next scroll back up a little and add a Review. It can be as long or short as you want along with your rating. See other reviews that you agree with or that were helpful to you in making your own decision to buy the book? Click the “Yes” button where it says “Was this review helpful to you?” If it wasn’t or you disagree, you can click the “No” button. You can also comment on a review although I personally feel that you should not comment on another’s review. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and nothing will be accomplished by engaging in a debate over their opinion.

The “Likes”, “Tags”, and “Reviews” all help in ratings, rankings in search results, and in helping other readers make their decisions about whether or not to pick up their own copy. And the reviews especially, good or bad, help authors know where they’re on track and where they aren’t. Good reviews provide us with that affirmation that keeps us going; bad ones provide us with learning tools and road maps on what we can do better.

You can also access the Author’s bio page by clicking on his or her name underneath the title.  On this page you will find another set of “Like” and “Share” buttons on the right side of the page.

Authors give you their hearts through their words. So when you have some time, tell them how their doing.

Have a great weekend!

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