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A Kindle Countdown Deal for You

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on March 18, 2016

Red Says I Love You by Raeann BlakeRED SAYS I LOVE YOU seems to be the forgotten step-child of all my books. I think I haven’t promoted it nearly as much as the others. But it never really caught on. I would love for more people to read it an enjoy the story of Josh and Cass and meet all the other characters that round out the book. I think you will fall in love with them all.

Today starts a Kindle Countdown Deal for RED. Today and tomorrow (3/18-19), you can pick it up for just 99¢. After that, it goes up to $1.99 for 2 days before going back to the regular price.

This is a great chance to pick it up at a good price. Read the blurb below and you can always read the sample by using the book cover/links at the lower, left side of the page.


She passed up a four-year scholarship to put her husband through college. Then she paid her own way through after he was done…with college and with her, when he walked out the day after he got his degree. But now she was finished and enjoying a graduation present to herself in the form of one month in a mountain cabin between Bozeman and West Yellowstone. Things were definitely changing for Cass Wright. The vacation turned into a job opportunity at a local brewery. And she was intrigued by one of Bozeman’s talented sculptors and spent money she didn’t really have to buy one of his creations that she swore emitted invisible sex waves. It didn’t take long to figure out that it wasn’t the sculpture emitting those waves, but the sculptor himself.

Josh’s sculptures were not what most people would consider conventional. They each depicted a couple at one point or another in that journey where interest turned to desire, desire turned to hunger, and hunger turned to satisfaction. They weren’t pornographic or even exotic but more sensual or suggestive. He never used models, so it shocked him when he realized his latest sculpture was in the image of a woman he had seen the night before at a benefit for the Battered Women’s Shelter. A woman with alluring green eyes, who was now standing on the outside of the ropes that cordoned off the area where he was working. The woman who just bought that same sculpture. Little did he know that in the coming days he would find life imitating art and then art imitating life…until she got that new job. Then he found himself way over a line that he hadn’t even known was there.


One Response to “A Kindle Countdown Deal for You”

  1. bev said

    i loved red says i love you, its one of my go to books when i cant find anything new to read

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