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MICHAEL is here!

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on June 4, 2014

Buy it now!

Buy it now!

Want to start the summer out with some sizzle? Then “MICHAEL” – Book Three of Raeann Blake’s popular “The Seven Brothers of Elko” series is what you need. With its supercharged passion, growing danger, escalating attempts at revenge, and a serial killer on the loose, “MICHAEL” does a lot more than just sizzle.

Michael (The Seven Brothers of Elko: Book Three)

Michael didn’t want or need a woman in his life. So how did he wind up with two?  One that lived in memories that wouldn’t die. And one that slipped in around all of his defenses and underneath the radar to trace whispers across a heart that wasn’t ready for her. And he certainly wasn’t going to help the situation by hiring her as the final member of his primary investigative team. The team needed her. She was a necessity… and a distraction that could get one or both of them killed.

Trisha really wanted this job.  To get it, she needed to get her mind off of “the hat” from the night before.  She especially needed to forget about the wounded eyes, the broken heart, and the gentle touch that she saw and felt when the hat came off for a single dance. Instinct told her that the man beneath that hat was made for loving.  But he hadn’t just been singed around the edges. Somebody burned him through and through.  He would never let himself love again.

Michael. His name is Michael.


5 Responses to “MICHAEL is here!”

  1. lksmith111 said

    This is great. I’ll get it right now.

    Linda lksmith111@aol.com


  2. Darlene said

    Got it. Thank u.

  3. Carol Bryson said

    Just bought it! All night reading marathon starting NOW!

    Proverbs 3:5-6 Sent from my Ipad


  4. PJ said

    Yeah I just bought my copy. I can’t wait to read it.

  5. Cheri Barker said

    I love Michael. But then again I love all the men of Elko. I am so glad that Raeann is doing so much better. Can’t wait for the rest of the guys stories. God bless Raeann and stay strong.

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