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Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on May 5, 2014

Well, hello there! Good to see you here. Good to see ME here. It has now been 100 days since my transplant and I have to admit that I am amazed at the difference 100 days makes. I can’t say that it has been easy because it certainly has not been. There were setbacks that required hospital stays and several more that did not. These served to slow down my progress and make me question the wisdom of my decision to go through with the surgery more than once. I had many days where I was so disappointed in what I saw as not doing as well as I should even though the medical professionals were telling me how unusual my rapid progress really was. What I heard was “blah, blah, blah.”

But here I am now. I feel better than I have felt in two years. I’m walking (usually). I’m driving again. We’re back on the bike (YEAH.) Before you know it, I might even get to go back to work at the day job early. No oxygen. No breathing treatments. Graduated from Pulmonary Rehab. Only have to go to Dallas once a month for the rest of this year. Not dancing yet, but you never know. The rest of my body might be old, but my lungs aren’t. One of the hardest things I have tried to learn is quite simple. I don’t have COPD anymore. I very often forget that I don’t have to take certain precautions that I had to take before. But in their place I have new rules, regulations, and precautions as a transplant recipient. It’s very strange. But looking at this list, I surely don’t see much to complain about.

blogdifference This is me when I sort of “fell off the cliff” in January 2013 and became suddenly and unexpectedly in very serious condition and another one taken this week. I have to admit this is the first time since I can remember that I can look in the mirror and see a shadow of “healthy” beginning to return to my face. Of course I also see some of the 40 pounds I have gained. Granted, I badly needed 20, but not 40. My next task is to lose the other 20 pounds.

And I am so glad to be back working on the books again. I can’t work as much as before right now. I am still recuperating and I have remind myself of that daily. Well, technically my body reminds me when I forget. I have a tendency to push too hard and do too much. I can do more and more every day but just not quite back to normal yet. At any rate, “Michael – The Seven Brothers of Elko: Book Three” is currently being put through the final paces. Last round of editing, then over to the proofreader and he will be ready to go. Hopefully during May, surely by June.

In the meantime, Taming Clay just turned 2. To celebrate that, all four of my current books will be going on sale for $0.99 for two days, followed by $1.99 for two days before they go back to the normal price. If you want to purchase a copy for a friend or you have friends you think might like to buy one or all, give them a heads up that it’s coming. I’ll let you know soon what the dates will be.

I am so grateful to all of you for the support you have given me. You have no idea what your messages of encouragement and prayers have meant and how much they helped. My family, my friends, my readers, and followers from Twitter and Facebook… each and every one of you kept me going. I had some really low days that I had to get through. You helped me get through them. Just to know I had so many people behind me, propping me up until I could get my feet under me again, lifted my spirits more than I could ever explain. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

GeezOh and for those who worried about me being alone at the hospital so much, not to worry. “Geez”, my wolf mascot given to me by my daughter, was with me every step of the way with his own face mask and everything. (Thank God they didn’t make me put him in a gown and gloves.)

So for now I will call it a day. I hope you each have a wonderful evening and an even better day tomorrow.

Happy Reading



4 Responses to “TRANSPLANTED + 100 Days”

  1. Julie Darden said

    Love you so much! ♥ I don’t care if you have gained 40 lbs. I love that sweet smiling face. =)

  2. Carman said

    You rock! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m going to get the books I’m missing since you offered such a cool incentive! Hugs and prayers!

  3. Lottie Henderson said

    So glad to see you as you are now. I was there for that time in 2013 and believe me I have been absolutely astounded at the difference in you from then to now. With your determination I know you can lose that extra weight if you will have just a little more patience and let yourself heal a little more. Look how far you have already come. Still sending my prayers up for you each day. Hope to one day get back out there to see this miracle from God myself. Love you so much and love seeing that smile back.

  4. Alice Johnson said

    How wonderful to see you looking so much better & sounding same way. I have all four books & read them as they were printed, but glad you will eventually be “well” & back to writing… Just so glad you pulled through the transplant! I know it is not easy. Have a very dear friend, father of my granddaughter in law, who had a rare lung disease & a double transplant 4 years ago… He still struggles, but is still with us. We thank God for that daily. Have thought about you so often & always pray for you when I pray for Rick ♥

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