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The Seven Brothers of Elko – Davis

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on December 19, 2012

Davis Reardon was a persistent man. Lonely, but persistent. For two years he happily watched love grow and deepen between his brother and the woman who completed his life. Jake and Brinley were two halves of a whole. And Davis was patiently waiting for his turn. Waiting for the one woman who was meant to be the other part of him.

He thought the wait was over when Dusty Lawton drove into his life. That connection, that instant recognition of matching pieces came immediately. Still, he tried hard not to slide down that slippery slope too quickly. But sliding he was. Right up until he discovered the one thing he didn’t want to know.

Gold ring. Third finger. Left hand. Married! Now what?

He was raised to never touch another man’s wife. He could practically hear his daddy rolling over in his grave at just the thought. He pretty much figured the man would rise right up out of it if he couldn’t stop that downhill slide and actually touched her. But if she wasn’t meant to be with him, how could he explain all the things that said she was?

The man who raised Dusty always told her the right man for her was out there somewhere. How cruel that she should find him when it was too late, after she was trapped in a marriage she never wanted. A marriage her husband would kill to keep her in.

In a dangerous game of cat and mouse, the crosshairs land first on Owen Lawton, while Davis, Jake and the rest try to unravel the mystery of why Dusty insists she must remain in a marriage that’s in name only, before it was too late. Just when they think the game is won, things take a deadly twist.

Sneak peek – read the free excerpt here!

14 Responses to “The Seven Brothers of Elko – Davis”

  1. Lynne said

    I can’t wait. When will “Davis” be released? I’m hooked on your books, but am disappointed when I finish one that there isn’t another to read. I read all three of the first in a matter of 2 weeks and was at Barnes and Noble and searching Amazon for more. Great author. Need some horse fixes but story and characters are wonderful. Keep writing….but faster!

  2. Carol Bryson said

    I sat up all night reading the first book. I can NOT wait until you release the book on Davis! LOVED the sample……I fell in love with these characters from the start and love reading family sagas! Congrats to you on the success of your first book! Know #2 will be a success as well! Thank you for writing!

    • Thanks, Carol! These guys (and the women that come into their lives) have been a part of my family for more than five years now. I am having so much fun sharing them with all of you. Working hard on the edits for Davis as we speak. Thanks, again! 🙂

  3. Carol Bryson said

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! can’t wait to order!

  4. Kimberly Lippman said

    Please let me know when Davis is ready to read.

  5. I fell in love with the book jake and have made people read it. We are all waiting for davis to come out…..so can’t wait!!!

  6. heaven said

    is the book ready

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