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Project Blue Light

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on December 4, 2012


We remember. We know you’re out there. We care.
And we thank you!

Anyone who has read or will read any of my books will discover that there is not a single one that does not have a law enforcement official, either past or present, in there somewhere. Big role or small, you will find at least one in every book. This stems from my personal high regard for any man or woman who has the courage to get up every day and pin a shield on their chest to go out and do their job in the protection of people they do not know. They are disrespected, they are ridiculed and in many cases hated. And yet they get up and pin on that badge every day anyway. I always find it particularly infuriating that the people who complain about law enforcement the loudest are the first ones to call them for help when trouble arises. And they will come. And when it’s over…you guessed it. They weren’t fast enough, good enough or smart enough. In any book, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you what I think about that, but I do try to watch my language on this blog. So I will refrain other than to say that I have zero tolerance for those who do not respect or even attempt to understand what kind of courage it takes to go around corners, through doors, or walk up beside that car never knowing what is waiting for you.

What I will tell you is that a few years back (under another name) I wrote and worked with a non-profit Cause on Facebook entitled “A Tribute To Those Who Wear The Shield” that pays tribute to and honors these brave men and women. The Cause was started and headed by John A. Pasko, a Police Officer with the Melbourne, Florida Police Department and it benefits the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum in Titusville, Florida. As time has passed, the Cause itself has waned as those of us who have worked on it are forced to spend more and more time on other pursuits. But my respect and admiration for these men and women will never diminish.

So where is this going? Well, I’m going to ask you do something. Among the numerous blog posts that I wrote for them, there was a very short one regarding Project Blue Light. We wanted to extend that further and called it Project Blue Light and More. Those who don’t keep up with the statistics may be surprised to know that 113 law enforcement officers have been lost in the line of duty so far this year alone, which is thankfully down significantly from the 174 who were killed last year. Think about that. Even at this lower rate, that’s an average of 10 men and women who were protecting all of us killed every month this year. Project Blue Light and More is a simple way for us to pay respect to all of our first responders, especially during this time of the year, to let them know that we know they are out there for us and that we appreciate what they do. It’s also to honor the memory of those we have lost.

I hope you will join us by placing a candle in the window in memory of the law enforcement, fire, and emergency workers who have given their lives in the line of duty and to send a message to those who remain. “We remember. We know you’re out there. We care. And we thank you.”

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