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The Crazy Dog

Posted by Raeann Blake (Author) on July 9, 2012

Millie grown upI have had any number of people ask about the crazy dog that I mentioned in my bio in the books and across most of the websites where I’m listed. Well, here she is. Her name is Millie and she’s a 1 year old Pit/Lab mix. She was about six months old in the picture on the right. And as you can see, she is not too appreciative of the time I spend on the computer. I took that picture after she sat exactly in that pose for more than five minutes. Trust me, big brown eyes staring at you over the top of the computer screen does get a little distracting after a time.

Millie 1

Ahem! I said…AHEM!!!

Since I work from home for the day job, she’s pretty much constantly always at my feet. It took her months to figure out that I couldn’t play during the day. There were a lot of frustrating days on both sides. Software development is not the easiest job in the world and takes some degree of concentration. There was little of that for a while with a puppy constantly pawing at my feet wanting attention. But, she finally did learn. She usually only bothers me now when she’s ready to go outside. Other than that, she is asleep on her pillow by my chair or close by my office.

I’m glad to say that she appears to have passed the phase of eating the walls, but don’t leave anything else down that she can reach.

She hears everything…and I mean everything. But, the dog could not track a skunk if she was standing four feet away from it. Don’t get me wrong. She can smell just fine. It’s her attnetion span that’s the problem. You can just see the thoughts ping-pong around in her head as she starts to scent along the trail of something only to get distracted by another scent, or a noise, or a bug…anything. It only takes a split second and she’s headed in a completely different direction. It’s like “ooh, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel…lizard, lizard, lizard…pretty butterfly, come here butterfly.” I swear she has ADHD.

I still probably threaten her with bodily harm at least 10 times a week at a minimum when she decides she wants some attention when I’m trying to work. It has been worse lately with the time I’ve spent working at night getting a couple of books ready to publish. But she is a loving thing and I have learned to share the house with her after being used to total isolation while I’m working. She might be crazy, but she’s ours.

2 Responses to “The Crazy Dog”

  1. dwaters302 said

    MY TRUE FEELINGS !! Lost my buddy of 12 years a few weeks ago and I still look down at my feet or behind me for him.

    • I completely understand that. It took me about that long to even agree to have another dog to get attached to after I lost my little Rat Terrier. I swore I would never have another one, but she didn’t have anywhere else to go and I couldn’t say no.

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